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The Poop Scoop Service – What We Do With The Poop

The Poop Scoop Service helps you to reclaim your garden… But what do we do with the poop?

We can get asked this a lot and you may be relieved to know that we don’t actually keep the poop! Nor do just throw it into your garbage bin (to stink it up until bin collection day). We are really keen on reducing our impact on the planet, and that includes helping our furry friends ‘go green’.

We work closely with the wonderful folks at The Earthwise Community Garden and contribute to the Poop Scoop worm farms at Subiaco. These little fellas work 24*7, turning your dogs’ poop (and lots of other organic waste) into luscious compost like material for the community garden.

We are also planning to give some of it a local university for research. Yes research! And finally, any waste left goes to landfill. But we try and avoid this wherever possible by find green partners around Perth.

Can you help?

Walking The Green Line We also use biodegradable dog poop bags for the dog waste pick up so that no plastic is used. Actually, we double bag those doggie bombs before popping in into a sealed container in our van (which is how we avoid stinking up the van!).

Dog waste removal that is environmentally friendly, and hassle free. What more could you ask for? Contact us today to see how you can do the right thing by your pets and your planet and if you can help us dispose of the dog waste in an environmentally friendly way, we’d love to hear from you.

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