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Healthy Diet, Healthy Poops

locally made dog food

Special Offer from Aussie Dog Food

 The Australian Dog Food Company is pleased to be able to offer Pet Friends/The Poop Scoop Service customers a special offer on its Original Recipe dry dog food formula. Aussie Dog Food is made from all natural, farm sourced Australian ingredients infused with a family of 9 pre and probiotics. When fed exclusively Aussie Dog Food improves the gut health of our four legged friends in every stage of their life. 

Feeding your dog with the Australian Dog Food pre & probiotic dry dog food recipe can help:

  • Improve your dog’s gut health, skin and coat condition
    dog poop removal

    healthy dog, healthy lawn

  • Reduce lawn burn from your dog’s urine
  • Assist your dog to make firmer, less smelly stools
  • Assist your dog to maintain a healthy body weight
  • Improve your dog’s general health and well being
  • Improve your dog’s smelly breath


The Pre & Probiotic Formula

healthy food for dogs

Aussie Dog Food range

Aussie Dog Food is infused with the patented formula that is shown to have a beneficial effect on the Gastrointestinal tract (‘the gut’) of dogs. The recipe contains a blend of prebiotics, probiotics and enzymes.

Probiotics are supplements that contain beneficial bacteria. Lactic acid bacteria, a component of yoghurt, is the most common microbe used as a probiotic. Beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract stimulates the production of antibodies and improves the function of the immune system.

Enzymes help allow for the most complete breakdown of ingested food. Thorough digestion means higher rates of food conversion and nutrient absorption into your dog’s circulatory system.

Affects of Pre & Probiotics on the Gut of Dogs

  • Produces creatine so mass is turned into muscle instead of fat.
  • Assists in the elimination of stool and urine odour.
  • Decreases ammonia in the urine to reduce lawn burn.
  • Helps increase immunity and fertility.
  • Aids digestion, inhibits pathogen growth, increases vitamin and mineral absorption, reduces side effects of antibiotics.
  • Assists with inhibiting pathogen growth, helps prevent infections, helps maintain immune system, aids in healthy stool formation, supports dental health, supports healthy skin and coat.
  • Helps prevent diarrhoea, deterrent to respiratory infections, helps increase T-cell formation, helps reduce inflammation.

A healthier inside makes for a happier family life with your furry friend.

healthy dog diet

healthy dog, happy dog



Aussie Dog Food is pleased to provide a 20% discount to Pet Friends and The Poop Scoop Service customers. Simply go to and enter code PETFRIENDS at checkout to receive your discount. 


What Goes In Must Come Out

Not all Diets are Created Equal

dog poop removal

healthy diet = healthy poop

After years of picking up after pooches we at The Poop Scoop Service have found that some of their contributions are far more pleasant than others. Some of them in fact are rather nasty and we wonder about the state of the digestive tract they emerged from and the overall health of those poor dogs. Through observation and discussions with our clients, we have discovered that not all diets are created equal. Through this process, we discovered a local business extremely passionate about providing top quality healthy options for spoiling our fur babies.

Pawsome Organics is Born

Martin explains… We started Pawsome Organics in 2017 when one of our dogs was struggling after his 2nd cruciate surgery. We didn’t feel comfortable pumping him with tablets and we hated seeing him miserable, so we started looking into natural remedies and stumbled upon Turmeric. We thought if it works for humans why not try it on him. He quickly showed improvement and then the idea of Pawsome Organics was created.
We started looking into the visibility in the dog food industry and found that so many bad things are hidden in dog foods and that customers are duped into believing the food they give their pets contain highly nutritious ingredients; we decided we wanted to do better”.

100% Certified Organic 

healthy dog diet

Healthy in, healthy out

Martin continues….”We have carefully chosen ingredients with great health benefits and have been very particular about only buying 100% certified organic products. We have a deep respect for organic farmers and what they are trying to do for the planet; our food is so full of chemicals and we believe they are causing a lot of harm to our health. We have put a full nutritional panel on our labelling to ensure you as a customer know exactly what you are feeding your dogs. Visibility is a big thing for us as consumers, we prefer to know what we are putting in our own body and we want to know what we feed our dogs as well”.

The Good Stuff

There are 4 different flavours of biscuits in the product range, they are plant based and wheat, corn and soy free.

Locally made dog treats

Pawsome Treats

Pumpkin and Turmeric: Our Turmeric and Pumpkin treats are great for dogs that have joint, digestive or urinary issues. Turmeric is proven to have anti-inflammatory effects and has been helping humans for hundreds of years. And pumpkin aids all digestive and urinary problems. Together with high quality coconut oil this makes it a great tasting treat for dogs.

Coconut and Kale: Our Coconut and Kale treats are a great treat for dogs that are suffering from skin sensitivities. The nurturing oils from the coconut will help the dogs’ skin to maintain its moisture and relieve the pains of allergies. Kale is rich in vitamins and minerals and has been proven to assist vision and eye health.

Healthy treats for dogs

Hemp Biscuits

Hemp and Banana: Our Hemp and Banana treat assists dogs’ overall health. Hemp seeds are a little ball of nutritious components. The perfect ratio of omega 3 and 6 and all the essential amino acids made it an ingredient we couldn’t surpass.
Bananas help promote healthy skin and coat, as well as improving heart and brain functions.

Hemp Protein: Our Hemp Protein treat is great if you feel your dog needs a bit of extra protein in its diet. Hemp has been proven to contain high quality protein and you will be sure your pet eats nothing but healthy nutritious ingredients.

healthy diet for dogs

Super Dog


Super Treats For Your Super Dog

Pawsome Organics biscuits are handmade (with love) in their bakery in Perth’s northern suburbs and can be bought through their online store or through one of the growing number of stockists. For a full list of stockists please visit If you are interested in becoming a stockist please contact Pawsome Organics Facebook or Instagram pages or

We all want to show our love for our furry friends with delicious treats. But they have no control over what we provide to them. We are responsible for providing good quality nutritious treats as part of an over all healthy diet.


Australian families love their dogs, no question about it. According to recent statistics Australia has one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world with 39% of households owning a dog. We love our four legged buddies for numerous reasons including companionship, exercise, security, but the one thing we don’t love is cleaning up after them.

Dog Poop Removal is not Fun

dog poop


dog poop removed


Granted, picking up dog poop is not fun. But not removing it can be very dangerous both to our families and our fur buddies. Follow this link to discover the shocking truth about not picking up your dog’s poop. Having stinky landmines all over your yard is unsightly and extremely unpleasant for whomever may accidentally step in some, but is also a potential health hazard. Dog faeces can contain bacteria and viruses such as Campylobacteria, Salmonella, E.Coli and Giardia to name a few, all of which can have serious health impacts on your family and/or the environment. These can be picked up and carried into your home on your children’s hands or feet or dog’s paws and, if left too long, will leach through the soil and into the ground water and eventually to our drinking water. We have a moral responsibility to ensure we clean up after our pooch. But many of us are time poor or just physically (or mentally) not capable of picking up.

There is an answer

dog waste


Give The Poop Scoop Service a call today. We are a pet waste removal service based in Perth. Our business is picking up! –

clean yard


pardon the pun. We will call around regularly to clean up your yard. If it has been a while we can do a major clean up and pressure clean. What’s best is we take away all that smelly dog poop and dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way.  And we put the fun back into dog waste removal. We are huge animal lovers. Our furry friends enjoy yard play and cuddles on our visits and, if allowed, a few sneaky treats! We are more than happy to arrange regular walks and holiday care too.




 Cat Litter and Aviaries also come under our wing 

cat litter


Whatever your pet waste removal dilemma, we are up to the challenge. Cat litter trays can be scooped clean, stirred and topped up and/or completely emptied out, thoroughly

clean litter trays


cleaned and sanitised and refilled with clean litter. The surrounding area will be swept and wiped clean also. Aviaries are raked, swept or washed clean of seed and food wastes. Water bowls rinsed out and refilled. You can enjoy quality time spent with your furred and feathered friends without the downside of coping with the mess that comes along with it. Do yourself a favour and book a poop scoop service today!



All our four legged friends are such lovely souls and it’s such a delight to see them each and every week. We’re there to dispose of the dog poop but we always make sure we spend time with our four-legged clients.


They get more and more comfortable with us and crack us up with their different quirks.  This week I wanted to tell you about two very lovely dogs call Zander and Kingston.


Zander is an Australian Kelpie and as soon as I arrive to pick up the dog poo, he brings me a toy to kick across the garden. It’s a different toy every single week it’s so funny to watch. He brings the toy over….but not too close…..then he gets really close to the ground waiting for the moment I kick it.  I try and trick him by kicking it in a different direction, but he’s too clever, he knows exactly where its going. That’s kelpie dogs for you!


Kingston, the staffy (or Staffordshire Terrier for the full name), lives with Zander but while all this fun is going on, he just watches with his tail wagging.


One of my favourite habits is Zander’s escort service. But it’s not what you think! When I arrive he always greets me at the gate. He walks me in, wants a big pat, and lies down while I get on with the poop scooping. When it’s time to go, he trots up and walks me back to the gate. Such a polite dog.


And while I say “always”, if it’s raining, forget it!


Leave a comment or tell me about your favourite dog breed, and what they do to make you laugh.


The Team at The Poop Scoop Service.

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