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Last week I went to see the Boxers, Rocco and Junior (as I do every week).
I was greeted by Rocco and he was thrilled to see me, wagging his tail and wanting me to try and get his toy off him.
I couldn’t see Junior, so I thought he must be at the Vets.  I continued on with the job in hand.
When I had finished the job, I saw that there was only one dog food bowl and only ONE bed!  OMG!
I thought to myself, poor Junior has passed away!  So I said goodbye to Rocco, got in the van and I had tears streaming down my face.  I finally pulled myself together before I got to Hugo and Phillipe’s house.
When I arrived home, I thought I would send an email to the Fur Parents and asked what had happened.  When I checked  my emails, there was an email waiting for me…………”sorry, forgot to let you know that Junior is at my Parents house as Rocco is recovering from an Operation”!!!!!  Phew…….
Goodness me!  Next time I will not come to the worst conclusion first.
Hope your pets are keeping warm.