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Special Offer from Aussie Dog Food

 The Australian Dog Food Company is pleased to be able to offer Pet Friends/The Poop Scoop Service customers a special offer on its Original Recipe dry dog food formula. Aussie Dog Food is made from all natural, farm sourced Australian ingredients infused with a family of 9 pre and probiotics. When fed exclusively Aussie Dog Food improves the gut health of our four legged friends in every stage of their life.

Feeding your dog with the Australian Dog Food pre & probiotic dry dog food recipe can help:

  • Improve your dog’s gut health, skin and coat condition
  • Reduce lawn burn from your dog’s urine
  • Assist your dog to make firmer, less smelly stools
  • Assist your dog to maintain a healthy body weight
  • Improve your dog’s general health and well being
  • Improve your dog’s smelly breath


The Pre & Probiotic Formula

Aussie Dog Food is infused with the patented formula that is shown to have a beneficial effect on the Gastrointestinal tract (‘the gut’) of dogs. The recipe contains a blend of prebiotics, probiotics and enzymes.

Probiotics are supplements that contain beneficial bacteria. Lactic acid bacteria, a component of yoghurt, is the most common microbe used as a probiotic. Beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract stimulates the production of antibodies and improves the function of the immune system.

Enzymes help allow for the most complete breakdown of ingested food. Thorough digestion means higher rates of food conversion and nutrient absorption into your dog’s circulatory system.

Affects of Pre & Probiotics on the Gut of Dogs

  • Produces creatine so mass is turned into muscle instead of fat.
  • Assists in the elimination of stool and urine odour.
  • Decreases ammonia in the urine to reduce lawn burn.
  • Helps increase immunity and fertility.
  • Aids digestion, inhibits pathogen growth, increases vitamin and mineral absorption, reduces side effects of antibiotics.
  • Assists with inhibiting pathogen growth, helps prevent infections, helps maintain immune system, aids in healthy stool formation, supports dental health, supports healthy skin and coat.
  • Helps prevent diarrhoea, deterrent to respiratory infections, helps increase T-cell formation, helps reduce inflammation.

A healthier inside makes for a happier family life with your furry friend.


Aussie Dog Food is pleased to provide a 20% discount to Pet Friends and The Poop Scoop Service customers. Simply go to aussiedogfood.com and enter code PETFRIENDS at checkout to receive your discount.