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Happy New Year Everyone!
Did you have lots of Christmas fun with your family, friends? And with your pets of course! We hope you steered clear of the dangerous food for dogs  and gave them their own treats.
At this time of year most people start thinking about the coming year, especially New Year resolutions. We usually think about ourselves (losing weight or changing jobs) but, what if you made this year’s resolutions about your pet?
We give you The Poop Scoop Pet Challenge.
·         Get up just 30 mins earlier than normal
·         Take your dog (or dogs) out for a walk or a run
What do you get out of it?
A Happier Pet. Dogs are born to travel, so even a quick walk will make them feel so much happier. And happy dogs are much less likely to wreck the garden while you are out.
Social Time With Other Dogs. Dogs love this social time and when they meet up, they run around with each other and really tucker themselves out. It’s also a great opportunity to chat with other dog owners.
But the best thing about exercising your dog is …
You’re exercising too! Like most things, if you have a friend or neighbour to go with you, you are more likely to get up and go. Your dog will LOVE you for it.
Here’s a Top Dog Walking Tip from Cesar Milan (Dog Whisperer):
Walking in front of your dog allows you to be seen as the pack leader. Conversely, if your dog controls you on the walk he is the pack leader. TIP: Be the first one out the door and the first one in and keep your dog beside or behind you during the walk.
So get out there and get walking and let us know how you go!
If you already take your dog/s out walking, leave a comment and tell us your favourite spot for you and pooch to go.
The Team at The Poop Scoop Service