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  • Healthy Diet, Healthy Poops

    Special Offer from Aussie Dog Food
     The Australian Dog Food Company is pleased to be able
  • What Goes In Must Come Out

    Not all Diets are Created Equal

    After years of picking up after pooches we at The Poop
  • Dog Poop Removal is Vital for your Family’s Health

    Australian families love their dogs, no question about it. According to recent
  • It’s Dog Personalities That Make The Poop Scoop Fun!

    All our four legged friends are such lovely souls and it’s such a delight to see them each and
  • Wanted: Your Ideas For Environmentally Friendly Dog Poop Disposal

     We at The Poop Scoop wanted to dispose of our dog poop in an environmentally
  • This is the start of something fun and we’re glad you’re here!

    This is the start of something fun and we’re glad you’re here! We’re the Poop Scoopers and
  • Missing Boxer

    Last week I went to see the Boxers, Rocco and Junior (as I do every week).

    I was greeted
  • How there are any perks to the job?

    The Poop Scoop Unleashed

    We visit a lot of dogs around Perth, scooping their poop and
  • Help Your Dog Stay Calm During Australia Day Fireworks

    Tomorrow is Australia Day and that means BBQs, sunshine, a day off work to spend time with
  • Great Reasons to Make 2011 All About Your Pet (plus dog walking tips)


    Happy New Year Everyone!

    Did you have lots of Christmas fun with your family,
  • Beware Of Christmas Food That Is Toxic For Your Dogs


    This is the time of year when we’ve got a house full of people and a table laden
  • Did you know that dog poop is a huge breeding ground for flies and fleas?

    Did you know that dog poop is a huge breeding ground for flies and fleas? What an opener, I

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