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Why We Started Picking Up Dog Poop

This is something that we get asked a lot, and it all started when we noticed the state of some suburban gardens. Shared by pets and families alike, and there was dog poop everywhere!

After a bit of digging, we realised that it wasn’t because the owners didn’t like their garden, or their pets; they just didn’t have time. I mean who prefers to pick up dog poop than say, spend time with family and friends?

We realised the opportunity and began offering a dog waste removal service to time poor dog owners. And it’s taken off! Now we’re scooping dog poop all through the Perth Metropolitan area, and growing all the time.

What’s the big deal about a bit of dog poop? Dog poop that’s left lying around is a problem for a few of reasons.

  1. These little landmines stop you being able to enjoy your garden
  2. They aren’t very nice for your dogs to be around either!
  3. They provide an active breeding ground for fleas and flies, bacteria, and worms like heartworm, whipworm, tapeworm, roundworm, hookworm…

Pretty gross huh?

The Poop Scoop Service comes to the rescue,
removing your dogs’ waste so you and your family can enjoy a clean and safe garden.

Our commitment to quality customer service means that we don’t often get cancellations once the service starts. And we’re really proud of that.

Give us a try and see just how much other stuff you can do — instead of collecting your dogs’ poo. We service the Perth Metropolitan area but are expanding all the time. Book The Poop Scoop Today!

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We service the Perth Metropolitan Area

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