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What if I Could Tell You How To Get Rid of Doggie Landmines Once and For All… And You Don’t Have To Do A Thing!

We’ve all had those unsuspecting moments in the garden. You take one step and instantly realise the problem… it’s confirmed by the smell a few seconds later. Oh noooo, dog poo!

And dog waste isn’t like other garden friendly animal manure. It harbours all sorts of nasties and it’s not pleasant to be around. But aren’t there a million other things you’d rather be doing than picking up rover’s relief?

Reclaim Your Backyard!

The Poop Scoop Service gives you a poop-free garden that you can enjoy without having to watch where you step.We’re really affordable, environmentally friendly and once you give our service a try, you won’t look back. Or down!

So if you can’t pick up the poop or there are just a million other things you’d rather be doing, give us the dirty work and get on with the fun stuff.

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We help make life more convenient, enjoyable, and safe for your pets and your family. Reclaim your back garden for enjoyment.


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