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 We at The Poop Scoop wanted to dispose of our dog poop in an environmentally friendly way but I really didn’t know how or where. I called my local Perth council to find out where the poop from the dog parks ended up, and I was horrified to find out it just went into landfill!

Considering that dog poo provides the perfect breeding ground for flies and fleas and all sorts of other nasties I hated the idea of it just sitting in landfill. I scoured the web and phone every local green agency I could find and no one had an environmentally friendly solution to dog poo disposal. Not even the sewerage treatment plant!

We found one eco-solution with The Earthwise Centre in Subiaco, Perth, and together we created a dog poo worm farm. A worm farm is one of the safest ways to break down dog poo so it can be reused on a garden (whereas a compost bin doesn’t break the dog poo down enough to make it safe). While this is a great start, we’d love to find something on a bigger scale. This would mean that other doggie businesses, like The Shenton Park Dog Refuge, can safely and greenly dispose of their dog poo without filling landfill.

So here is a challenge for our fellow dog lovers. Please tell us your ideas and suggestions about dog poop disposal. As a country of pet owners we have to find a way to help reduce landfill and the impact on our environment.

Do you know of a green means of dog poo disposal that can handle of lot of disposin’? You can comment here or on our Facebook page  — we’d love to hear your ideas!

The Team at The Poop Scoop Service


This is the start of something fun and we’re glad you’re here! We’re the Poop Scoopers and The Poop Scoop Unleashed is a blog especially for dog owners, and dog lovers. We’ll be romping around untethered and wild sharing the stories and wisdom from our adventures.


And we know what you’re thinking…. helping dog owners reclaim their backyard by removing all dog poop might not sound like a glamorous blog subject. But we have so many funny moments with our doggie customers, that we thought it was about time we shared them.


We’ll also be sharing some excellent tips for pet care, dog grooming, dog health and doggie events all around Perth.


If you have a tip or an event or just a funny story about your dog, let us know with a comment!


So what is the Poop Scoop Service all about? Well you can read about that on this other page  but basically, we’re the super nice friends of
 dogs and dog owners  all around Perth. That’s Perth Australia, not Perth in Scotland where I’m sure we’d still love the dogs, but not the weather so much.


Every week, we’ll be here with some must have knowledge, some nice to have tips and some dog related funnies to lift your day. See you next week!


The Team at The Poop Scoop Service.


PS If you’re wondering who the handsome devil in the picture is, that’s Me, the Poop Scoop mascot!
The Poop Scoop Unleashed

We visit a lot of dogs around Perth, scooping their poop and taking it away to leaving a trail of clean backyards, happy dogs and happy owners.

It’s very satisfying but I know you’re wondering how there are any perks to the job.

Well, it’s the dogs we visit  that make it a really fun job. They’re all so gorgeous!

If you are a dog owner you know how different each dog can be. And every dog we visit has it’s own personality.

One of the guys we visit is Zeus. He’s a Rottweiler and such a funny guy. Zeus is HUGE and weighs in at around 55 kilos so he’s not a dog to mess with.

But when we arrive, he cracks us up because he behaves differently depending on whether his Shitzu mate is there or not.

If Zeus is on his own, he is very aloof. He may not even greet me at the gate and will just sun himself by the pool. He’s a total cool-cat (if you’ll excuse the reference). That’s ok though, because it means I’ve got time to get around the yard and remove all the dog poo and when I am done, he’ll reluctantly give me cuddle.

If his Shitzu friend, Cougar, is with him well… Zeus will bark and madly wag his tail (almost bending himself in half) and can’t wait for a cuddle. What a show off!! And if I try to pat Cougar, Zeus will push him out the way.

After we’ve said hello they let me pick up all the poop, but I can be sure that when I turn around; there they are, sitting together watching me. Making sure every thing is being cleaned up properly.

Zeus and Cougar, two very funny guys… You see, there are perks to the job!!

Until next time, Love Your Pooch and Your Garden.

The Team at The Poop Scoop Service.

This is the time of year when we’ve got a house full of people and a table laden with goodies but it’s important to remember that not all our lovely, festive food is good for our dogs. In fact, some of it is downright poisonous!
Here are some foods to keep clear of the floor and out of your pets bowls this Christmas.

Chocolate – Tasty But Deadly For Dogs
As humans we can feel like we’ve overdosed on chocolate but for dogs, chocolate can be quite dangerous. Their heart rate can increase or become irregular and the diuretic nature of chocolate can leave them very dehydrated.

Onions and Garlic – Not Just Bad For Breath
Onions are toxic to a range of animals because they develop haemolytic anaemia, where the pet’s red blood cells burst while circulating in its body. Shocking isn’t it!

Nuts and Seeds – Especially Macadamias
Macadamia nuts are one of may favourites but I’m always very careful where I leave them as they can end up paralysing your dog’s hindquarters. They will recover but it’s very painful and worth being extra careful.

Other foods to keep away from your dogs are:
· Grapes and raisins
· Avocado
· Cooked Bones (with sharps shards & splinters)
· Corn Cobs (tricky to digest)
· Broccoli (in large amounts)
· Rhubarb and tomato leaves/stems
· Alcohol and hops
· Coffee grounds
· Potato peelings
· Spoiled food … if you wouldn’t eat it then it’s not for pooch either

But I’m sure they’d love a doggie treat so make them feel part of the family this Christmas (as we know you will). In fact, leave a comment below and tell us what is your favourite festive doggie treat to give?

From everyone at The Poop Scoop Service, we wish our happy customers a very Merry Christmas and their Mums and Dads too! We’re already looking forward to 2011.

Until 2011, Love Your Pooch and Your Garden

The Team at The Poop Scoop Service


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